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Silicon Valley is known for its innovation, creativity and advancement in social responsibility. Along with a busy work life, many people still try to commit to philanthropic projects, like the Food Bank, Second Harvest, Big Brother- Big Sister, to name just a few.  Among the crowd, one can always find Don Sun busy working or leading the volunteering efforts. He strongly believes in giving back to the community, whether for social justice, civic engagement or political involvement. To Don, serving the community is his passion and mission in life.

Don does not just speak of his passion - he lives it.   Besides running his own tea business, Don also serves on various commissions and boards. For 8 years, he has served on the Cupertino Planning Commission, twice as the chair.  From that experience, he learned that communication is the key to any successful plan. He is a Board Member of Cupertino Rotary Club and former Co-Chair of Youth Service Committee and always encourages youth to take part in civic duty, as a healthy community is built upon responsible youth. He serves as president of Cupertino Historical Society to bring historical knowledge to present day challenges.  He serves as Chair of APAPA Silicon Valley to engage all Asians to serve community and lead voter education for over 20 years. Don has been inspired by social movements throughout time that a universally engaged society is a stronger and better community for all.

Over the past couple of decades, Don has accomplished many in community services:  organize music instruments donation program from local south bay area students and families and donated to East Palo Alto schools; host SCA5 town hall meeting for State legislators to explain the proposal to parents and students; host a 18-year-old birthday party to local FUHSD students for them to become a registered voter; set up a booth inside Cupertino Whole Food Market to register local residents as voters, subsequently, did the same kind of drive at Adobe, Intel, Walmart, farmers market and etc. Don values the opportunity to be  a part of change-making contributions in the community where we live, work and raise families. His time and energy serving others truly speaks volumes of his dedication.

Don has a bachelor degree in Statistics and Urban Planning from Renming University in Beijing, a masters degree in Economics from University of Pennsylvania, and a JD of Law from Peninsula Law School. He has done research in Hoover Institute, Stanford.  He lives in Cupertino with his sons, who are now college students.. In addition to drinking tea, Don enjoys reading and golfing (and serving the community) in his spare time.

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