Talking with High School Kids

Talking to high school kids to get involvement in community with Shin Shin Education foundation youth department

Meet with Marshall Tuck, The Next State Superintendent

Meeting with Marshall Tuck, next state superintendent 9 days away. Nice talk in deep of future of education.

Voter's Guide

Details of my political opinions and policies toward education can be found in this statewide voter guide and wish you all know my thoughts on education. Thank you for your vote.

SingTao On Air

Thanks for Singtao Radio stationer to have me in studio to talk about my election of FUHSD board member and high school education issues. 45 min seems not enough to get audience questions answered yet. Tell all your friends to vote and your vote matters. Whoever win, it is people’s choice. I am always here as a member of our community. Thanks for two beautiful girls invited me on air. Qianhui and Star.

Nice Dialogue and exchange with Gavin Newsom

Next California Governor Gavin Newsom will support API community to diversify the leadership in state leadership and emphasis on US China relationships improvement. A nice dialogue and exchanges. He will Be next our state head in 8 years for sure. 14 days to go! Join Mt team to elect Don Sun for FUHSD board and work for all ! Access and respect is the most important to get things done together !

Don Sun and Gilbert Wong endorsed our next state public education superintendent Marshall Tuck

Please vote for Don Sun

Vote for Don Sun for FUSHD Trustee #6 on November 6th!

Sunnyvale Mayor Glenn Hendricks Endorsement

Women League Introduction Don Sun

Volunteer Donate